TP-Link: cresce il fatturato grazie alla soluzione business Omada thumbnail

TP-Link: revenue grows thanks to the Omada business solution

TP-Link has recorded in recent years a balance positiveconfirming once again among the market leader in consumer networkingthanks also to the percentages achieved by the business solution Omada SDN.

TP-Link’s results see Omada SDN doing very well

Between 2019 and 2022 the revenue of TP-Link has grown dell’80%. The products designed for the home, the so-called device smart-homehave grown by 57,4% in 2022, while the business solution TP-Link Omada had a growth equal to 332%.

In the market of networking consumer the results exceeded the 60% of the market share, while in the market SMB e IBS TP-Link had revenues of 31% and al 9%.

For the future, leaps forward are expected within these markets, thanks to the European funds and to digital transformationwhich offer great growth opportunities.

One of the next flagships will certainly be the Omada SDN cloud solution, i.e. a range of complete products to offer superior performance with an intuitive and fast management platform. At the end of October 2022 the Omada solution produced a turnover 4 times higher to that generated throughout 2021.

In addition, for this year, TP-Link has also renewed the team locale creating new dedicated business development opportunities and increasing the corporate structure, which currently has more than 30 employees.

The strengths of TP-Link

For 11 consecutive years, second l’IDC Quarterly Wireless LAN Tracker, Q4 2021TP-Link is the leading global provider of WLAN devices, with a 60% market share in Italy and 80% growth between 2019 and 2022.

The strengths are to be found:

  • in innovationthanks to research and development centers that work independently;
  • in the presence of Product Managers who work directly in the field with companies and users;
  • in the accurate management of the supply chainto have control over production: 80% of the products are made internally, allowing easier control of the quality-price ratio;
  • in an Italian team highly experienced, able to deal with headquarters and partners in a precise and timely manner.

TP-Link’s strategy for the future

TP-Link has thought of a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years in Italy. The main objective is to double the turnover between now and 2027, thanks to various concrete actions such as:

  • involve research and development centers and a team of Product Manager directly in the field, for a direct connection between the real needs of the market and product development;
  • boost up the solution Smart Home, with a wider range of products, characterized by a user friendly interface and compatibility with the main standards for smart home management;
  • invest on human resources and local relationships in order to create partnership win-win long-term.
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