TP-Link, the smart sensors of the Tapo line are available in Italy

TP-Link, disponibili in Italia i sensori smart della linea Tapo thumbnail

TP-Link, world leader in the consumer and professional networking sector, announces the availability on the Italian market of the new sensors from Tapo product line dedicated to the smart home. Here’s what they are.

TP-Link, the smart sensors of the Tapo line

This is the smart hub Became H100of the smart key Became SB200 and smart touch sensors Became T110of movement Became T100 and temperature and humidity Became T310. Easy and quick to install, they help improve safety, comfort and well-being at home. All thanks to functions that can be easily customized and managed with the free app available for smartphones and tablets Apple e Android.

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Also, both the sensors and the smart key require a smart hub, such as the model H100to function correctly and communicate with the other devices in the Tapo range.

TP-Link, Tapo H100, smart hub with doorbell

It is the beating heart of the smart home to connect up to 64 devices Done. Efficient and equipped with a wide range connection, TP-Link’s Tapo H100 is the smart hub that allows you to reach every room. Without risk of interference thanks to low frequency radio communication.

Alongside the smart key Became S200B, turns into a smart doorbell. Instead, combined with the Tapo T100 and T110 motion and contact sensors, it triggers an alarm.

TP-Link, Tapo S200B, tasto smart

Customizable, efficient and, above all, very comfortable. TP-Link Tapo S200B is the smart key that makes life easier. This is because it allows with a simple touch of control and set up lights, appliances and other devices in the Tapo ecosystem.

Equipped with a long-lasting battery, it makes versatility of use one of its strengths. Thanks to customized actions, which include a single tap, double tap and rotation, a single smart key allows you to perform multiple actions. Some examples: turning a smart light bulb on and off or adjusting its brightness.

Tapo T110, contact sensor

It is a perfect smart sensor for home security. Designed by TP-Link to allow real-time monitoring of the opening and closing of doors, shutters and windows. Tapo T110 send instant notifications to the user thanks to the downloadable app for mobile devices.

In addition, it can be easily installed on any surface thanks to the adhesive backing. Powered by a single CR2450 batteryuses a low-frequency radio connection (868/922 MHz) with a protocol capable of optimizing its autonomy.

Tapo T100, motion sensor

With a wide range detection system, up to 7 meters away at a 120° angle, TP-Link’s new Tapo T100 smart motion sensor allows smart action configuration customized.

For example, it can turn smart bulbs or Tapo LED strips on or off when it detects movement, for practical hand-free control. Or it can trigger alarms in the presence of intruders by sending a real-time notification to the mobile device app.

Tapo T310, temperature and humidity sensor

For those who want to have climate control of their home, TP-Link Tapo T310 is the smart solution with Swiss sensor high precision. It is compatible with Tapo line devices but also with Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart home ecosystems.

T310 updates the temperature and humidity data of the monitored environment every 2 seconds and offers reports with the values ​​measured up to the last two years stored in the cloud. The sensor detects humidity ranges between 0 and 99% RH and ranges of temperature between -20° and +60° centigrade. When they do not fall within the parameters set by the user, it sends notifications to the smartphone.

Availability and prices

The new devices are already on sale at the following prices to the public:

– Tapo H100 at 24,90 euro

– Tapo S200 B at 19.99 euro

– Became T110 a 19.99 euro

– Tapo T100 a 19,99 euro

– Tapo T310 at 15,99 euro