Transparent AirPods exist but Apple doesn’t sell them

Le AirPods trasparenti esistono ma Apple non le vende thumbnail

the AirPods by Apple are among the most popular tech devices ever. Apple will not (for now) make color variations of its earphones, despite user requests. The Cupertino company, however, has actually produced an exclusive version of the AirPods. It is a particular one transparent variant which reveals the inside of the earphones. This is not a model coming to the market though.

A rare example of Apple’s earphones

To show for the first time the images of the AirPods in translucent version was the collector of Apple products, Giulio Zompetti, which can count on a rich collection of exclusive products. The images of the translucent AirPods have been disclosed in the last few hours on Twitter showing the world, for the first time, this particular solution.

It is not uncommon for a tech accessory to be made in a transparent version. These variants, in fact, are generally pre-production specimens to be used during the tests necessary to complete the development. One of the transparent examples of AirPods, it seems, ended up on the market and immediately fell prey to collectors like Zompetti. The collector also recently showed a translucent version of a 12-inch MacBook charger.

We’ll see if, in the future, Apple will make color variations of its earphones. For now, the Cupertino house aims to produce exclusively white accessories to make its products easily identifiable.

The images of Apple’s transparent AirPods