Trentino Data Mine, the green data center in the mountains

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A new chapter of digital innovation opens in the heart of the Italian Alps with the project Trentino Data Mine (TDM): a strategic green data center. This initiative, financed by National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)aims to create a strategic hub of innovation in the picturesque Non Valley. The signing of the constitution of SRL Trentino Data Mine at the Rectorate of Trento marks a significant step towards the creation of a cutting-edge data center located in mines of the Tassullo company.

Trentino Data Mine, the data center in the center of the mountains

This project was born from the public-private partnership that sees lThe University of Trento as the main actor, with scientific responsibilities and project leadership. And then a temporary consortium of companies selected through public tender: Covi Costruzioni, Dedagroup, GPI and ISA.

The project falls within the scope of PNRR Mission 4 “Education and research – From research to business” and will have a duration of 36 months. With a total cost of 50.2 million euros, the financing comes from both public resources (18.4 million) and private funds (approximately 31.8 million).

The company’s Tassullo mine offers a unique context for the data center, with over 80,000 square meters of space already used for apple storage, sparkling wine fermentation and other applications requiring constant temperature. The data center will allow the creation of ICT-related services which they will exploit the potential of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, edge computing and cybersecurity, including quantum cryptography. The naturally rock-protected location offers electromagnetic safety. But also protection from natural events, sustainability and the possibility of using energy from renewable sources.

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An ecosystem of innovation

Trentino Data Mine is not just a data center, but an innovation ecosystem. In fact, it wants to support all phases of the innovation cycle, following an open source logic. This includes the analysis of emerging technologies, the definition of a technology development roadmap, the testing and validation of new commercial applications or the development of prototypes in a protected environment, and the technological validation of products, processes and services.

The presence of Trentino Data Mine will strengthen the network of cexisting connections between research institutes, companies, technological infrastructures and structures present in the area. In addition to the University of Trento, key partner of the project, the Bruno Kessler Foundation and EIT Digital will play an important role. Also there Trentino Innovation and Trentino Development Hub Foundation they will be involved in the ecosystem.

Fields of Application

Trentino Data Mine focuses on four areas of strategic interest:

  • Artificial intelligence: With an emphasis on big data analytics, predictive maintenance, process automation, computer vision and explainable AI.
  • High Performance Computing: For fast processing of complex data and high-impact service delivery across various industries.
  • Edge Computing: For processing data as close as possible to the point of generation, ensuring faster information management and greater resilience in the event of connection interruptions.
  • Cybersecurity: Through the adoption of advanced paradigms such as quantum cryptography to create reliable and authenticated network perimeters.
  • The context of Trentino Data Mine aims to position it as a European reference point for digital innovation, attracting international investments. The spaces inside the mine will be made available to companies and public bodies for ICT activities. Creating a true innovation hub, in the heart of the mountains.

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