Tribes of Midgard: Launch Trailer Released

On the occasion of its market launch, a trailer for Tribes of Midgard, the new hack ‘n’ slash developed by Norsfell, was released

On the occasion of its next market launch, Gearbox has released a new trailer of Tribes of Midgard , the action title developed by Norsfell which was awarded the distribution. The setting of the title, as can be easily guessed from the title, takes inspiration from Norse myths and, in particular, from the legends of Ragnarock. His exit date has been set for tomorrow July 27; the game will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Tribes of Midgard: here’s the launch trailer

Tribes of Midgard, as we can also see from the trailer, is a video game that combines some features of the title action with others deriving from the survival. In fact, the game foresees that the player, in addition to clashing with the enemy forces, builds and strengthens the base of his tribe. The title allows you to play solo, but also gives you the opportunity to join other players, with gameplay multiplayer cooperative, which allows you to create parties with a maximum size of 10 elements. Simultaneously with the release of the title, his will also start first season, whose title is The Wolf Saga.

The country of Tribes of Midgard, which is certainly one of the most anticipated games coming out in July, is based on the assumption of the entrusting by the gods of a seed of the Yggdrasil (the tree of the universe of Norse mythology) to the tribe of the protagonist. This precious pledge will have to be defended by Hel’s forces, mobilized by the approach of Ragnarock, which will see all forces collide in the final battle.

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