Tesla says goodbye to the traditional wheel

Tesla dice addio al volante tradizionale thumbnail

Future Tesla models will not be able to be ordered with a traditional steering wheel. The confirmation came directly from Elon Musk who reiterated that customers who purchase a new Tesla Model S or Model X will have to “settle” for volante Yoke which, in design, is reminiscent of a spacecraft joystick more than a car steering wheel. Tesla customers will have to focus on after market solutions to avoid having to use Yoke.

Farewell to the traditional steering wheel for the Tesla of the future: word of Elon Musk

The steering wheel Yoke will be theonly option available to customers who will buy a new one Tesla Model S or a new one Model X (and probably also other new generation models of the Californian house). The confirmation came directly from Elon Musk who, in response to a user’s tweet, made it clear that there will be no option to request a traditional steering wheel for the new Model S and Model X.

Initially, the futuristic steering wheel of the Californian house’s new electric was considered, by the press and by users, as an expensive option. Musk, on the other hand, clarified that Yoke will be included in the standard equipment and there will be no possibility to request alternative solutions.

A solution still to be tested

According to initial tests, Yoke does not appear to be particularly effective in quick maneuvers on non-standard road surfaces. On the snow or on dirt roads, in fact, the steering wheel showed some difficulties. Even in the more complicated parking maneuvers Tesla’s steering wheel is to be put to the test.