Il malware Trickbot muta e aggiorna le proprie capacità thumbnail

Trickbot malware upgrades its capabilities and becomes more and more insidious

Trickbot malware mutates and updates its thumbnail capabilities

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According to Bitdefender, the Trickbot malware, used by numerous cybercriminals, is becoming more insidious. Through this type of virus, cybercriminals are able to enter victims’ devices and can cause considerable damage.

Mute Trickbot malware

We are in a period of virus mutations, a phenomenon that also involves digital infections. Thanks to Bitdefender, a recognized leader in cybersecurity, we know that Trickbot malware is becoming more and more insidious. The digital security company has in fact published a report indicating how cybercriminals operating through Trickbot are rapidly improving the capabilities of the malware and its global support infrastructure.

Bitdefender has discovered an updated Virtual Networking Computing (VNC) module. This appears to be under active development with frequent updates and bug fixes. The module, nicknamed tvncDll, includes new monitoring and information gathering capabilities. This uses a customized communication protocol to contact the Command & Control servers. It is therefore difficult to understand which data is in danger of sharing.

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