Trust: here are some gaming and genderless products

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On the occasion of Pride Month 2022, Trust underlines how important it is to support the cause of inclusiveness, with the creation of unisex or limited edition devices dedicated to Pride Month

On the occasion of the Pride Month 2022, Trusta brand specialized in the sector of digital accessories and gaming, underlines how important it is to support the cause inclusiveness. The world gaming e del tech in its totality, in recent years, it has been experiencing a revolution in the narration of themes LGBTQIA+ with the consequent creation of devices unisex o limited edition dedicated to Pride Month.

Video games are also increasingly popular with quote rosa, with an ever-increasing gender parity at the console. The analysis of They die “Women Played. Women Paid. Women Made ”, but also the report“ Videogames in Italy in 2020 ”published by IIDEA (Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association), which confirms that out of a total of 17 million players the percentage of women reached is 47%equal to approx 8 million fans.

Trust: here are some gaming and genderless products

In Europe, about half of gamers are women

Speaking ofEuropaalso here approx half of the gamers are women and international studies point out that often the masculinity in games it manifests itself in more negative meaningstowards women and in general, of everything that is perceived as different. The double-edged sword of online gamingsurvey of Geena Davis Instituteprovides various indications to the creator.

Non sexualize female charactersgive them the same skills of the male ones, foster collaboration between the sexes. Getting used to cooperating in virtual life, it will be easier to do it even away from the screen.

Il Pride it is an opportunity that, in addition to filling the streets with colors and sounds, allows you to shout to the world that this community exists. Fortunately, the sexualization of heroines in video games is outdated, the representation of the characters LGBTQIA+ is changing over time, such as in The Last of Us 2 (2020 Game Award winner) who has a lesbian protagonistwhile Tell Me Why was appreciated for his portrayal of Tylerhero transgender.

Trust: here are some gaming and genderless products

Trust offers a wide variety of products, from gaming to home and office, genderless

Here are the products selected by Trust:

  • GXT 922W YBAR: gaming mouse with 7200 DPI resolution and integral RGB LED lighting.
  • GXT 411P RADIUS: Cross-platform gaming headset with comfortable over-ear ear pads and adjustable microphone.
  • GXT 834 CALLAZ: compact TKL gaming keyboard, with mechanical switches and rainbow wave lighting.
  • GXT 716 RIZZA: RGB LED illuminated gaming chair designed to guarantee many hours of play in full comfort.
  • GXT 960 GRAPHIN: Lightweight RGB illuminated gaming mouse with honeycomb shell.
  • GXT 144 REXX: vertical gaming mouse with ergonomic design, to reduce arm and wrist strain.

Trust: here are some gaming and genderless products


Products Trust they’re available in Italia at the best physical and online retailers and on Trust’s Amazon webshop. What do you think of these Trust’s gaming and genderless products to support the cause of inclusiveness? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page and stay connected on tuttotek.

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