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Trust introduces the GXT 255+ Onyx microphone

Trust introduces the microphone GXT 255+ Onyx, with flexible arm and installation Plug&Play. A perfect product for streamers on Twitch or for those who record podcasts and want the best in quality, and more.

Trust GXT 255+ Onyx, the quality boom microphone

Do you want to record a podcast where you can tell your story? Read an audiobook? Stream your favorite game on Twitch? Recording an instrumental session or a commentary at a sporting event? All these things together? Trust has thought of the right solution for you.

The new Onyx GXT 255+ microphone delivers quality acoustic performance. The cardioid recording pattern e the pop filter allow you to focus attention on your voice, delivering clear audio. The zero latency monitoring instead it is used to listen to what you are recording without delay. A technology that, thanks to the sensitivity and mute adjustment buttons, you can use for complete control of the sections.

trust GXT 255+ Onyx microfono-min

Plus, it comes with the shock supportmount to ensure maximum stability. This way, when recording, you can be sure that your microphone will stay rock steady for as long as necessary.

Using it is very easy: that’s enough connect the USB socket, without the need for a mixer. In addition, you also find an additional USB port. The arm hides the cable and with the highly adjustable aluminum structure allows you to position yourself in the best way.

The new Trust GXT 255+ Onyx costs € 199.90 in Italy and you can already find it on the Trust webshop on Amazon. Are you ready to record your podcast or launch your Twitch stream (by the way, have you checked out our Twitch channel?).

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