Trust Redex review: versatile and lightweight gaming mouse

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In this review we will take a closer look at the Trust Redex, the perfect wireless gaming mouse for work and play, versatile, light and with a design designed for comfort. Let’s find out together how he behaved on the pitch

Any gamer to play he needs one good keyboard e you a good mousein a market that has become increasingly filled with gaming accessoriesTrust tries to offer a solution wireless, reliable, economic, with an elegant design and with the right freedom of customization, but not without some features. We tried this GXT 980 Redex and now we can give you our judgment.

Trust Redex review: versatile and lightweight gaming mouse

Technical features

  • Format: standard
  • Dimensions: 112 × 54 × 39 mm
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Buttons: 6 programmable
  • Switch meccanici: Kailh
  • Sensor technology: optical
  • DPI sensor: 200 – 10.000
  • Porte: USB-C
  • Connectivity: wireless (RF 2,4 GHz)
  • Scope: 10 meters
  • Autonomy: up to 50 hours
  • Reload: via USB-C cable
  • Lighting: Customizable RGB LEDs
  • Compatibility: Windows 11, 10, 8

Trust Redex review: versatile and lightweight gaming mouse

Packaging e design | Review Trust Redex

The Trust GXT 980 Redex packaging is made of cardboard, small in size, compact and lightweight. Inside we find the mouse, a 160 cm USB-C cloth cable and the user manual. The mouse aesthetically it is very minimal, in black color, the brand of the product that welcomes the RGB coloring it is positioned on the body of the device where the hand is placed. On the left side they are present two additional buttons, fully programmablewhile in the center there is the scroll wheel and the key to change the color of the LEDs.

The shell may have been open, inside we find the practical USB connectorwhich allows you to use the mouse wirelessly, the closure of the shell is a magnet, very practical in my opinion. RGB LEDs, fully customizable provide the mouse with a captivating look. On the bottom of the mouse we find an additional button to adjust the i even better DPI (125-500-1000) and the switch off button, switch on the mouse and the use of RGB lights. One thing to note is the lightness of the mouse, in my opinion a strong point compared to other gaming mice.

Trust Redex review: versatile and lightweight gaming mouse Trust Redex review: versatile and lightweight gaming mouse


Let’s now analyze the software of our Redex, customization can be done by downloading the software from the official Trust website. Compatible with Windows systems only, we can set up to 5 different profileseach with their own settings, choose the DPI levels, manage the RGB lighting by choosing its intensity, speed and type.

Through the software it is also possible to modify the operation of all and 6 programmable buttons set up macros at will, which should not be underestimated for more experienced users. Gaming X Trust is a simple and intuitive program, it offers a fair amount of options.

Trust Redex review: versatile and lightweight gaming mouseTrust Redex review: versatile and lightweight gaming mouse

How it behaves in the field | Trust Redex Review

Resting the mouse on the desk, using it for a few weeks, the Redex has proven itself both in scope gamingboth in that really efficient working. Pleasantly surprised, I found myself a mouse reliable e pleasant to useworks well, very responsive, making it quite comfortable in any grip. Also great sliding without a mat, the sensor accuracy is very high. In the two main keys the feedback is very pleasant, with a clear click with each press. Trust guarantees up to 80 million clicks. Less satisfying are the two “function” keys on the left side, which have a slightly too long stroke, perhaps not pleasant for some users. The scroll wheel has some imperfections. Rotation results not very fluid and quite noisy.

There are some flaws from the point of view ergonomicsthe absence of parts that favor the gripand being made of plastic it might tend to slip into it if you have problems with sweating in your hands. Unfortunately it is not a mouse suitable for left-handed people. In the workplace it is agile and precise, in the simplest operations such as surfing the internet. In the gaming field it gives its best, despite a not too high price for a gaming mouse, the Redex is a good ally with the ability to adjust up to 10.000 DPI. My advice is to use it in mode wired to reduce latencybut even in wireless mode I did not notice any details lag.

Now let’s move on to the drums, rechargeable and integrated allows us to arrive almost at 40 orebut yes halve if we use active RGB lights. The redex allows you to rest assured in any situation, in fact we can use the charging via USB-C cable, even while using the mouse. It has a particular “stand by” function that takes over after a few minutes of inactivity, to reactivate the mouse you have to press a button and it becomes active again, it is not enough just to move it to be able to reuse it.

Trust Redex review: versatile and lightweight gaming mouse Trust Redex review: versatile and lightweight gaming mouse


Here we are at the end of the review of the Trust GXT 980 Redex. Being a gaming mouse wireless and cheap it is very reliable and complete. With a design designed for comfort and suitable for most users, a decent quality of components, customizable but not too much thanks to the software available from Trust. The mouse was reliable both in the workplace and in the gaming sector. In my opinion a Good purchase seen the not too high price of 39,99€ also available on Amazon.

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Recommended in its price range

Points in favor

  • Lightweight and compact
  • elegant design
  • Great battery life
  • Cheap

Points against

  • Not suitable for left-handers
  • English language software and for windiws only
  • It lacks bluetooth connectivity
  • Noisy wheel