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Trust: Solutions for creators and smart working

Trust offers the essential accessories for Smart working and for creators, let’s find out together what it offers us in this article

Trust, a leading company in the production of peripherals for the digital lifestyle, offers some smart solutions for working from home in a professional way. In the era of smart workingfor example le ring light they have become an indispensable tool, because they have a double use: in addition to the professional aspect, there is the playful one.

Tools like microphones and webcams instead, they allow you to create a 360-degree quality workstation. In today’s business world there are more and more subjects who have to produce content for an online audience, to do this in the best possible way it is possible to keep an eye on the portfolio and choose valid products such as the line Home&Office of Trust.

Trust: Solutions for creators and smart working

Maku: Kit of light rings for vlogs

Using the ring light will allow you to take photos or record videos always counting on perfect lighting. Ideal for i creatorbut also essential for employees of companies always in video call or again for dance teachers and cooking expertsWhatever the main interest, a kit of light rings can be very useful.

he kit Taste is powered through USB, then just plug it into your phone charger to start shooting or streaming. You can use the power bank to take the kit on the road. At a price of 34,99 euro.

Trust: Solutions for creators and smart working

Fyru GXT 258W: microfono streaming USB 4-in-1

Desktop design microphone to record podcasts and, why not, to be used during online repetitions and update calls. It is structured to make crystal clear and rich recordings that are almost on a par with studio quality. At a price of 139,99 euro.

Trust: Solutions for creators and smart working

TEZA: Webcam Ultra HD 4K

Advanced webcam Ultra HD 4K with a field of view of 74° e due built-in microphones. With 4K UHD images for high quality business calls and video quality.

The goal will do everything by itself thanks to theautofocuskeeping a shot clear and sharp. Tripod and mountable privacy shutter provide control and stability. In addition, the adapter from USB-A a USB-C supplied expands the potential of the webcam, making it compatible with most of laptops and PCs. At a price of 139,99 euro.

Trust: Solutions for creators and smart working


Gaming headphones wireless read in eco-sustainable material. For all gamer e creator engaged in online campaigns. Also ideal for those who make many calls during work. Headphones with microfono wireless Thian are designed for comfortwith an eye to the environment: light design and eco friendly made from recycled materials and sturdy leatherette ear cups with mesh top layer. At a price of 69,99 euro.

Availability and prices

The products listed are available in Italia at the best retailers physical and online and on Trust’s Amazon webshop. What do you think of these essential accessories for Smart working and creators offered by Trust? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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