Trust Trezo review: The ideal wireless keyboard and mouse kit for the office

Avvocato fallimentare: cosa fa e come trovarlo

In this review we will talk about the Trust Trezo, a wireless keyboard and mouse kit ideal for office work and more

In the office, the watchword is always comfort, productivity and savings. Are these the dogmas which also Trust has decided to pursue the creation of Trezo, the kit consisting of keyboard e mouse wireless which we are going to find out today. In fact, today’s review aims to make you discover a kit that matches comfort e pleasure of use in two products that, like it or not, accompany our days in the office. That’s not all, because the noble mission of this large company is to produce supporting also the environment. This allows him to make the best products using the majority of recycled materials in a way that does not pollute.

Packaging and Unboxing | Trezo Trust Review

The calling card of a company, as I always maintain, is the packaging of their products. This Trust seems to know this very well, in fact it is always churning out products with a incredible care in the packaging. From the colors used to the use of space for information. Inside the package we find the mouse and the keyboard wireless, USB receiver and well three Duracell AA batteries which will serve to better power our new devices and make us sleep peacefully for many months. To conclude, of course, the classic user guide also available in Italian language.

Technical features

Now let’s talk about the technical characteristics before delving into the user experience which perhaps plays the most important role in a review. This Trust Trezo kit is compatible with PCs and laptops running Windows, Mac OS or Chrome OS.

Trust Trezo review: The ideal wireless keyboard and mouse kit for the office

It is made of ABS material with l’85% from recycled material.

User experience and first impressions | Trezo Trust Review

Let’s start talking about the aesthetics, which are perfectly suited to home and office environments. Much elegant the keyboard, particularly large also thanks to the numeric keypad on the right. Also adorned by comfortable palm rest which I found extremely useful in long writing sessions.

The mouse is designed to be ideal for mancini e right handed, perhaps it is slightly small compared to the measures you are used to but still manages to be precise and comfortable to use. The secret of these products also lies in the plug-and-play and this kit is no exception. As soon as the supplied dongle is connected, the kit is practically ready to use. Keyboard and mouse can also be turned off with the appropriate physical key, however they have a function that makes them enter energy saving should they be left on.

In everyday office life the kit performs admirably, needless to say the delay between typing and appearing on screen it’s pretty much inexistent, in fact the wireless connection offers guarantees within i 10 meters. No critical issues found in over ten days of use, neither disconnections neither cali from performance of sorts.

Battery autonomy

Connecting to the last point addressed, the energy one, it is good to mention and underline the endowment of Duracell AA batteries which ensure a very long life of the devices. Indeed Trust speaks of even 48 months for the keyboard e 12 per il mouse.

Quietness and multimedia keys

We know how fast typing can often cause a lot of disturbance to those around us, especially in a working environment where there are many people who type quickly at the same time. This kit, it must be admitted, that is tailor-made for these people. Let i keys of the keyboard and those of the mouse are practically inaudible. However, this does not compromise the pleasure from writing and the key travel that remains fulfilling e comfortable.

Trust Trezo review: The ideal wireless keyboard and mouse kit for the office

It always concerns the keys, it is important to signal the presence of multimedia keys, in a very intelligent position detached from the rest of the keys in a manner well engineered. The multimedia and office keys will make sure you present yourself in a manner simple ed intuitive your work or simply to let you in on Netflix during the lunch break.

Conclusions and prices | Trezo Trust Review

A kit that I really feel like recommending because it is perfectly suited to office use, carrying every pro of the case. The media keys help a lot, the design it’s a lot simple and for this nailed it. Even the prezzo it absolutely is in line with quality of the kit. little talk, if you need a reliable and durable keyboard and mouse kit, you certainly won’t go wrong with this one.

What do you think about this kit the Trust? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Plus points

  • Design minimale
  • Extremely quiet keys
  • Batterie Duracell incluse
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Prezzo

Points against

  • Especially small mouse
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