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Trust’s gaming proposals to experience a thrilling Halloween

In this article we will find out all the proposals on gaming products from the Trust brand to be able to experience a Halloween full of thrills

Thrills, fun and lots of fear. October 31st is just around the corner so what better time to dust off or discover some of the scariest horror video games of recent years?! From Resident Evil to Bloodborne, through Silent Hill and Medievil, up to Outlast, there really is something for everyone. For this reason Trust offers a wide range of gaming products, to have the best fun for this horror festival. Below we will look at these products recommended by Trust in more detail.

Trust's gaming proposals to experience a thrilling Halloween

Details on Trust recommended gaming products for a spooky Halloween

With the arrival of October 31st just around the corner, all gaming enthusiasts “feel” the need to rediscover and relive horror adventures with the most significant video games that have made the history of this genre. Titles like Resident Evil, Bloodborne, Silent Hill, or even Medieval Outlast, return to “infest” our homes.

Between titles inspired by the Night of the Witches and great thrilling cults! If you’re not one for “street parties” but prefer to spend Halloween night at home with friends playing some video games. possibly horror, fun is guaranteed. And to experience the creepiest night of the year to the fullest, Trust offers a selection of “scary” gaming products. Perfect for an experience not to be easily forgotten. Among the products recommended by Trust we find:

  • The GXT498W FORTA gaming headset: very light and built with eco-sustainable material, officially licensed for PS5, Available at the price of €49.99.
  • Headphone support GXT 265 CINTAR: With RGB lighting and two USB ports. Available at the price of €34.99.
  • La seedia gaming GXT 718 RAYZEE: Foldable and useful, for comfortable and endless gaming sessions. Available at the price of €89.99.
  • Ready to play GXT 704 RAVY: The fully adjustable chair, with a solid frame and soft armrests; to play in complete comfort. Available at the price of €179.99.
  • The GXT 542 controller changes: A wireless, rechargeable and triple connection gaming controller; has support
    multiplatform. Available at the price of €39.99.
  • Il mouse gaming GXT 922 YBAR: This device has a resolution of 7200 DPI and integral RGB LED lighting. Available at the price of €24.99.
  • Tastiera gaming TKL GXT 834 CALLAZ: with mechanical switches and rainbow wave lighting Available at the price of €49.99.

Trust's gaming proposals to experience a thrilling Halloween

And you? What do you think of these gaming devices from Trust? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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