TSMC potrebbe investire miliardi di dollari in Arizona per i nuovi chip Apple thumbnail

TSMC will open a factory in Arizona perfect for Apple chips

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co) Ltd could invest 12 billion in Arizona to upgrade the factory for the production of its chips currently used by Apple.

TSMC is betting (again) on building chips in Arizona

In the desert and fascinating American state, TSMC would like to produce its chips with advanced technology a 3 nanometers which, in all likelihood, could be used by one of its historical customers: Apple.

However, as stated by the founder Morris Chang“TSMC has a plan right now, but it hasn’t been fully finalized.”

The Taiwanese chip maker is an old acquaintance from the southwestern US state. Also in Arizona, in fact, TSMC has opened a plant whose production is currently concentrated on 5 nanometer chips.

The fact of wanting to produce 3-nanometer chips can only mean one thing: gradually replacing the 5-nanometer ones, which are considered slower and less efficient.

In addition, as always confirmed by Chang after returning from APEC summitthe new plant should be built on the same site where the old one currently stands, which would therefore be updated.

This project would even be staggered in phases, as emerges from the unequivocal words of the founder of TSMC.

“[…] Five nanometers is phase one, three nanometers is phase two.”

Could there be a hand of Apple behind this huge investment?

Definitely yes. Indeed, TSMC provides its own chips to Apple, which has expressed enormous interest in the new generation of 3-nanometer chips.

These new chips, as already mentioned, are faster and this would allow future Apple devices to have better performance and longer battery life. An example above all? L‘highly anticipated iPhone 15.

The next few months will be decisive: will 3 nanometers really make their appearance first in Arizona and then in Apple devices?

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