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TUF Gaming GT502: presented the new Asus dual chamber case

Asus unveiled its new TUF Gaming GT502 dual chamber case, with tempered glass panels and dual cooling zones

Asus announces the case TUF Gaming GT502equipped with a double chamber, panoramic tempered glass and enough space to accommodate up to a maximum of 13 fans. Lovers of PC DIY they are well aware of the importance of cooling and how much this factor cannot be neglected or simply postponed to a subsequent phase in the choice of components, especially when particularly high-performance and high-end components are used.

Modern high-performance CPUs and graphics cards offer unprecedented processing power for gamers, creators and users of all types, who really need a system of adequate cooling e you quality, that allows you to fully exploit their full potential. The new TUF Gaming GT502 chassis, with its thermal design “dual chamber”, offers builders a captivating and versatile case, generous in internal volumes and designed to host effectively Also components Of high end.

TUF Gaming GT502: presented the new Asus dual chamber case

TUF Gaming GT502: design and color variants

The TUF Gaming GT502 chassis offers users a wide range of options to design the cooling system of their next high-performance build. It is offered in two color variants, with one Black Edition it’s a White Edition which will certainly be able to interpret and express different styles, for exclusive and personalized setups, starting right from the cooling system.

The dual chamber design offers a large rear chamber, which provides 90mm of clearance for ideal cable management, but that’s just the beginning. It also comfortably houses the power supply and includes a versatile bracket to mount up to three storage drives or even a 360mm radiator, and is perfectly isolated from the primary components, those that produce the most heat and are housed in the main chamber.

The top vent in the main chamber supports up to 360mm radiators for custom loop or AIO style cooling systems. Even if you wanted to think about carrying out an “extreme” overclocking of your PC, the GT502 allows you to easily count on all the options Of cooling down more effective and which the most advanced hardware may require.

TUF Gaming GT502: Build with Confidence

ASUS designed TUF Gaming GT502 to offer DIY PC lovers an experience Of assembly Really simple, inside and outside. Support for ATX power supplies and motherboards up to ATX format ensures a wide range of options in choosing which components to use. The removable side panels also allow you to assemble your own build without problems and without the use of specific tools.

TUF Gaming GT502: presented the new Asus dual chamber case

Also there management of the cables really simple. The versatile fan bracket in the rear chamber features cable ties and integrated sockets; so whether it is used for archiving, to install fans or for the radiator of a liquid cooling system, it is possible to route comfortably e neatly all necessary cables.

The spacious interior of the GT502 hosts video cards up to 400 mm long. An already included vertical mounting bracket also allows you to choose whether orientation the VGA horizontally o vertically: all you need is a riser cable to be able to display the card covers and fans vertically. Today’s high-performance graphics cards often use bulky (and heavy) heat sinks to more effectively disperse the heat produced during their operation.

TUF Gaming GT502: lighting, connectivity and maintenance

Whether you love to focus on RGB lighting, or you simply prefer a mood more sober e discreet, il GT502 undoubtedly offers builders all the options they may be looking for. The Illuminated TUF Gaming logo on the front panel it supports Aura Sync lighting effects; therefore, it’s easy to coordinate all the individual elements of your setup, including external devices and peripherals, and set up a dazzling array of lighting and visual effects.

The TUF Gaming GT502 case offers versatility and practicality that extend far beyond the assembly process, being also designed for comfortable everyday use. A rich selection of ports on the front panel simplifies the connection Of headphones e other peripherals, while the USB Type-C port on the front is wired for maximum speed: simply install a motherboard with a connector USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C to have exceptional transfer speeds at your fingertips.

The maintenance of the GT502 is also really quick and easy. Filters for the top, bottom and right hand air intakes help keep dust out of the components and keep the internal volumes clean, as well as being easy to remove and clean when needed.

TUF Gaming GT502: presented the new Asus dual chamber case

Availability and prices

The new house TUF GAMING GT502 is available in two color variants, Black Edition e White Editionat Asus Gold Stores, Powered by Asus Program resellers and key Asus Business Partners at the suggested retail price of 209,90€ VAT included for both colors.

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