TUNIC is out today for consoles and PC, even on Xbox Game Pass

Esce TUNIC: disponibile dal day one anche su Xbox Game Pass thumbnail

Available today on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Mac, TUNIC arrives free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

TUNIC is available for both purchase and Xbox Game Pass

TUNIC, one of the most anticipated independent videogames by fans, comes out today. Developed by the skilled hands of a team of experts who came together under the name of TUNIC Team, the game is available on Xbox Series S | X, Xbox One, PC and Mac at a starting price of € 29.99 for consoles and 27 , € 99 per PC. However, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be happy to play for free, as the title is available from day one in the catalog.

Players will enter a game world of massive creatures and items to collect, in hopes of solving long-hidden mysteries and secrets. And that’s not all. The publisher Mom and Pop also made it known that from today it is also possible to buy the soundtrack of the game, created by the composer Lifeformed (Dustforce).

Below are the words of Andrew Shouldice, lead developer of the title:

“There is so much content to discover and I hope players will be overwhelmed by the same feeling of wonder that inspired us to make this title. I’m very proud of the final result and can’t wait for the players to try and explore it. “

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