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Turtle Beach: Introducing the new Stealth Pro headset

Turtle Beach has recently announced the arrival on the market of the new Stealth Pro headphones, ready to dominate the world market. Let’s discover them together

Headphones are one of essential elements for a player. Having an excellent sound, good insulation and at the same time enjoying unparalleled comfort are the fundamental aspects for a good gaming session, whether competitive or not. Turtle Beach he thought about these factors when he made the brand new headphones Stealth Pro and today he finally presented them to the whole world. Let’s get to know them better.

The new Stealth Pro headset from Turtle Beach has been unveiled

With the 56% more surface area compared to the competition’s 40mm drivers, not just the drivers Nanoclear da 50 mm they’re bigger and more powerful to create more bass and a wider soundstage, but they’re also hand-matched to eliminate subtle differences between left and right speakers. There optimized sound cavity of the Stealth Pro and the options Audio customization via the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app combine to produce a truly detailed soundstage and captivating surround sound, whether you use it Windows Sonic are Xbox e PC, Sony 3D Audio per PS5, Dolby Atmos o DTS Headphone:X. Juergen StarkChairman and CEO at Turtle Beach Corporation, said the following:

The Stealth Pro has been crowned the leader of ultra-premium gaming headsets. They deliver the flagship gaming audio experience, with sound quality, noise cancellation, build quality and comfort that are simply unmatched. Turtle Beach has led the market in gaming audio for 13 years based on the high-quality sound and award-winning features we offer at every price point. With the Stealth Pro, we’ve leveraged that experience and leadership to deliver ultra-premium gaming headsets of superior quality. Our signature 50mm Nanoclear drivers are bigger and more powerful for better sound; The Stealth Pro’s adjustable active noise cancellation cuts out more outside noise than the competition, and our TruSpeak boom microphone reduces more background noise, so your voice comes through clearly.

Headphones also include one versatile active noise cancellation, adjustable from full transparency to 25dB reduction to block out most distractions and stay focused. The detachable TruSpeak boom microphone Stealth Pro also reduces background noise, and the boom microphone and dual built-in microphones both use the exclusive tecnologia S.M.A.R.T. (Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning) designed to further reduce background noise to let only your voice through.

The soft ones premium memory foam ear cushions covered in imitation leather with the ProSpecs patented technology Turtle Beach’s eyeglass-friendly sunglasses provide added comfort, while the metal-reinforced headband and zinc-alloy frame ensure the Stealth Pro is built to last. Additional features like Dual wireless connectivity, Variable Mic Monitoring, Superhuman Hearing, audio presets and a variety of customization controls are available through the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app available for Windows PC and Mac e iOS and Android mobile devices compatible.

They are available for purchase at recommended price of €329.99 on the official website and at authorized partners in the Xbox and PlayStation versions. What do you think of this new pair of headphones? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow!

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