Twenix, the platform for learning English arrives in Italy

Twenix, la piattaforma per imparare l'inglese arriva in Italia thumbnail

Twenix arrives on the Italian market, revolutionizing the EdTech sector with a customized platform for learn english aimed at companies and professionals. With sessions from 26 minutes with certified mother tongue teachersyou can improve your knowledge of the language in a precise and flexible way.

Twenix arrives in Italy

After closing a two million euro funding round, Twenix can also expand in Italy, bringing its teaching model here too. The platform allows you to choose sessions one to one di soli 26 minutes, with certified teachers of different nationalities. You can communicate with them in micro-courses, focused on specific topics of business. A team of industry experts has developed the schedules, so that you can choose what to follow based on previous knowledge and interests.

Furthermore, users can monitor their progress avoiding making the same mistakes over and over again. Thus improving their knowledge.

Born in Spain in 2017, Twenix counts today 60 employees. There are over 300 native teachers who come from all over the world: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and even i Netherlands or South Africa. You can thus learn to communicate even by getting used to different accents.

George Moreno, CEO and co-founder of Twenix explains: “We want to provide companies and people with the security that professionals need, so that English stops being an obstacle to business development once and for all. The goal is to feel comfortable speaking in English with a client, giving a presentation or communicating with a colleague from another country, and this is not solved by grammar alone, but the conversation is essential to gain confidence and trust in communication “.

Twenix comes from a long path of growth: just think that last year it closed with an increase in sales of +250%. For 2022, he aims to organize over 400,000 sessions and increase the number of employees to over 100. He currently works in Italy with companies such as Idealista, Just Eat, Puma, Louis Vuitton, The Power MBA, Altim, Saint-Gobain e Decathlon. And he wants to join others, to help transform the English language from an obstacle to a resource.

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