Twinkly e Intel illuminano le gaming room al Fuorisalone thumbnail

Twinkly and Intel light up the gaming rooms at the Fuorisalone

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2023, Intel decided to turn the spotlight on design nel videogame. It does so with an in-depth study open to all, in the heart of the Porta Romana District. The exhibition, in the large historic atrium of Spazio Filippetti, curated by Video Games Party, will put the spotlight on some key scenes in the history of the video game. They are sanctioned by the work of women who have revolutionized the sector. Parallel to the exhibition, Twinkly will illuminate the area with innovative smart LED lights for an even more immersive gaming experience.

Twinkly lights light up the gaming rooms in Intel’s “Design in Videogames” exhibition for Fuorisalone 2023

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2023the kermesse of events that this year will take place in Milan from 17 to 23 April, Intel has organized the exhibition Design in Videogames, edited by Video Games Party (VGP). The exhibition will be open to the public from 10.00 to 20.00 at Spazio Filippetti, in viale Angelo Filippetti 41, in the Porta Romana district.

It includes a showcase dedicated to gaming and creators, and a rich schedule of workshops, seminars, interviews and moments of meeting with professionals from the videogame world.

The show will put the spotlight on some key moments in the history of gaming, to celebrate the work of women who have revolutionized the sector, such as:

  • Carol Shaw, electrical and computer engineer, one of the first women ever to develop video games. Tireless and well prepared, her colleagues immediately considered her a point of reference. But she too is a programmer who is perfectly capable of getting to grips with any situation. In 1982 she began working for Activision with which she created, as a designer, her best known game of hers and among the best known for Atari 2600, or River Raid, and Happy Trails, a puzzle game set in the Far West . She left the world of development in 1984.
  • Sheri Graner Grey, game developer and author of Gender Inclusive Game Design-Expanding the Market, the first book that breaks the preconception of male exclusivity in the use of videogames. She is the author of Gender Inclusive Game Design-Expanding the Market, a pioneering book that breaks the preconception of male exclusivity in the use of the videogame medium. In the late 1990s, she founded the Women In Games International group where she held the position of executive director for many years. She has been internationally recognized for both her work as a game designer and her activism. In 2005 she received the International Game Developers’ Association’s highest honor, the Game Developer’s Choice Award, for her contributions to the game industry.

The video games representing the designers’ work will be exhibited in the historic atrium of Spazio Filippetti. Shown and framed within TV The Frame Samsung in Art Mode, latest generation TV with a modern design.

The parallel showroom to Intel’s “Design in Videogames” exhibition for Fuorisalone 2023 embellished by Twinkly

In parallel with the exhibition, one is planned showroom where visitors can discover and play with the best laptops for contemporary gamers and creators. But also putting yourself to the test on a virtual tennis court offered by the Italian software house AnotheReality, just as Italian are SiComputer, which in collaboration with Res-Tech will bring from the Misano World Circuit a driving simulator created for racing drivers, and Twinkly , which will illuminate the area with its LED solutions designed for gaming.

A week of lessons and meetings

As part of the event, there will be a rich schedule of meetings, seminars and interviews on the subject of videogame design and planning, with a special focus on the point of view of women and on diversity & inclusion in the sector. As well as testimonials and exchanges of views with content creators, game designers and professional eSports players.

The program includes interventions, among others by Dallara, Cristina Nava, and the content creators Ckibe and Kafkanya. Additionally, the Digital Bros Game Academy will offer three classes on game design. All open to the public with free admission.

Twinkly’s light redefines gaming rooms: the gaming environment becomes an immersive experience

Lighting environments has never been such an interactive experience, thanks to the light installations by Twinklyan Italian world leader in smart lighting recently included by the Financial Times in the ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

Twinkly lights are famous around the world for their unique ability to decorate with lightthanks to the special 16 million color LEDs and to the app capable of creating infinite effects and animations, making them the perfect partner for gamers and streamers. A range of high quality products designed to make gamers’ environments and streamers’ studios even more immersive and personal.

All Twinkly products allow you to create the perfect atmosphere in any environment in just a few moments thanks to colours, gradients, pixel art and animations. Directly from the smartphone application, available for iOS and Android, every single LED can be controlled individually, using a patented mapping function.

Thanks to an innovative cutting-edge technology, proprietary and protected by numerous patents, Twinkly delivers an entire ecosystem of interconnected LED lights, both for domestic and professional use, controllable via smartphone and can be integrated with the most widespread home automation standards. The Twinkly lights, immediately appreciated by international audiences, are compatible with the most popular voice assistants such as Hey Google and Amazon Alexa, with Apple HomeKit, and integrate with Razer Chroma RGB and OMEN Light Studio to synchronize with the in-game action.

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