Twitch porta Super Mario al Pompidou di Parigi thumbnail

Twitch brings Super Mario to the Pompidou in Paris

Twitch brings Super Mario to the Pompidou in Paris thumbnail

Contemporary art and that of videogames meet. To celebrate the release of the film by Super Mario Bros, Twitch e Universal Pictures International France they organized a special installation on April 4th at Pompidou Square. In a scenography that reproduced the famous blocks with question mark of the video game, it streamer Ponce and other enthusiastic guests took a journey through the history of Mario, playing Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix and interacting with the community of Twitch.

Super Mario at the Pompidou in Paris thanks to Twitch

Melissa Simoni, Sales Director France of Twitch he explains: “Every day Gen Z and Millennials gather on Twitch, where they have the opportunity to share their passions with other like-minded people. The release of Super Mario Bros. – The Movie represents a historic moment for the Twitch community and for fans of the franchise. With this collaboration, Universal Pictures International France has been able to embrace the fluidity and authenticity that are typical of Twitch to celebrate this event, involving the public in an unmissable experience”.

To make the experience even more immersive, the Brand Partnership Studio di Twitch has created custom emotes based on Mario. As well as mushrooms, fire flowers and blocks that allowed viewers to access exclusive content.

Installation at Place Pompidou min

Loreleï Schirar, Head of Digital di Universal Pictures International FranceHe added: “Thank you to the Twitch team for supporting us and bringing this Super Mario Bros. The Movie launch stream to life. Twitch has proved to be a key service in our marketing strategy to reach Gen Z audiences and Mario Bros fans. This stream was the best idea we could have to engage the Twitch community in such an iconic place, in Paris, and with the famous streamer Ponce”.

Twitch has thus proven to be a versatile and innovative platform, capable of uniting the world of video games, cinema and art in a unique and memorable event. In which the Super Mario Bros. community was the real protagonist.

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