Twitch Charity è il nuovo tool per gestire raccolte fondi durante le live thumbnail

Twitch Charity is the new tool for charitable donations

Twitch Charity is the new tool for managing fundraising during live thumbnails

LONDON, UK – April 30 2020: Twitch game live streaming logo on a smartphone

Twitch is preparing to launch the new Twitch Charity tool. S.i is a system that will allow streamers to start fundraising for charities, making it easier for users in their community to donate. The system is in the testing phase but will debut on a global scale shortly. Here are the full details.

With Twitch Charity, donations to social charities will arrive

Il nuovo tool Twitch Charity Sara integrated into the streamer dashboard. In this way, the creator will be able to start charity campaigns with the aim of collecting donations from users. Donations can take place in various forms but must be addressed to charities.

The system is currently in the process of closed beta negli USA but it is only a matter of time before it arrives in Europe. In this test phase, only a few selected users have the opportunity to start fundraising for charity.

To accomplish this system, Twitch has tightened one partnership con PayPal Giving Fund with the aim of ensuring the tracking of donations. Note that donations made by users will appear in the live chat, along with the various collection objectives.

More details on the timing of the launch of the new system to manage fundraising will arrive in the coming days.

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