Twitch, Stories are arriving: a way to stay in touch with your community

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Twitch announces the launch of Stories today, a new feature that will be available in the live streaming service’s mobile app. It will allow streamers to stay in touch with your communities even when they are not live. The concept of stories is not new, but by adding it into the Twitch experience, creators will be able to reach their community through short posts lasting 48 hours.

Twitch Stories available in the live streaming service’s mobile app

It’s something new that Twitch has decided to do introduce following the feedback received from the streamers themselves. They found that using multiple apps and platforms to build community loyalty limits the reach of content created live on the service. Thanks to Stories, however, they will be able to more easily create daily content for their community, using the Twitch mobile app.

All Twitch users who have installed the latest version of the app will be able to see the Stories icon at the top of the Following page. The ability to create Stories is currently limited to partners and affiliates who have gone live at least once in the last 30 days. Access for these streamers will be phased in later this week and on an ongoing basis, as long as they meet the minimum eligibility requirements. Access will then be extended to all other streamers, while Twitch will continue to test the security measures in place.

Twitch Stories: Reach the community anytime

One of the main reasons that pushed Twitch to create Stories is to allow streamers to reach your followers even more easily. In this way, if your scheduled live event starts a few minutes late, you can inform the community with a simple Story.

Push notifications will also notify followers when a new Story is created, while specific notification settings have been added so viewers can manage and control the frequency of notifications. At the moment, Stories will be launched with an expiration after 48 hours, to allow followers to have more time to watch each individual piece of content.

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Twitch Stories: come personalizzarle

Stories allow you to publish photos, clips, custom channel emotes, and wallpapers: streamers therefore have the necessary tools to be able to share the best moments of their live performances, selecting the most representative clips, to make their community relive the hype of a specific moment, sharing everything with followers who were unable to attend. Furthermore, thanks to reactions via emotes, streamers will be able to continuously solicit their followers by keeping them active, answering questions or challenges they will be asked through Stories.

Twitch Stories: Welcoming new subscribers

Streamers with at least 30 subscribers (including gift subs) will have the option to create Stories just for them. So, in addition to existing subscriber benefits like personalized access to emotes, badges and ad-free viewing, publishing subscriber-only Stories is a great way to add even more value to your supporters’ subscriptions through exclusive content .

Connect with your community

Security is a fundamental pillar for Twitch and Stories represent the ideal tool for creating a safe space between streamers and their communities. In addition to automated scanning, which will prevent the uploading of harmful content, the same guidelines that regulate behavior on Twitch are provided for the community. It will therefore be possible to report Stories that violate these standards and you can do so directly from the app.

What’s new?

In the next few months they are many new features planned, to make Stories even more incredible: poll creation, editing capabilities and much more. For this reason it is important to always keep the app updated to the latest version. Finally, through UserVoice it is possible to leave your feedback, also indicating the functions you would like to find in the Twitch Stories in the future.

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