Creative Live! A3 Audio: Streams and recordings from Pro

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Creative Technology today announces Creative Live! Audio A3, the latest USB audio interface ready to transform the way you experience audio in creative activities.

Creative Technology has announced the launch of Creative Live! Audio A3, a next-generation USB audio interface designed to enrich the audio experience in creative processes. Featuring 24-bit high-resolution recording and playback capabilities, versatile I/O connectivity, built-in controls and zero-latency direct monitoring. Creative Live! Audio A3 presents itself as a indispensable tool for streamerscontent creators and musicians looking for professional audio quality.

The Creative Live! Audio A3 is characterized by its ability to capture and play 24-bit high-resolution audio; ensuring clarity and fidelity of sound for a wide range of content, ranging from music to podcasts and voiceovers. The floating 3.5mm audio I/O socket allows for continuous input flow during remote interviews and podcast recordings. Thus allowing users to seamlessly combine audio from mobile devices and maintain clear communication.

Creative Live!  A3 Audio: Streams and recordings from Pro

Details on the new Creative Live USB interface! Audio A3

The interface was specifically designed to meet the needs of musicians, podcasters and content creators. It is equipped with double headphone jacks, each with separate volume controls, to allow precise control of the listening experience. Furthermore, the interface offers a dual combo jack with an integrated microphone preamp and a Hi-Z switch; ensuring seamless compatibility with microphones, line-level devices and instruments. The integrated balanced stereo outputs allow clearer sound while eliminating any electromagnetic interference.

Creative Live! Audio A3 puts complete audio control at your fingertips, thanks to separate volume controls for output and input; complemented by intuitive indicators that make it easy to adjust settings. Plus, zero-latency direct monitoring provides immediate sonic feedback, a feature appreciated by live streamers and musicians alike.

The ideal choice for streamers and content creators

A large capacity for high-resolution recording, smooth mobile audio integration and intuitive controls; Creative Live! Audio A3 is positioned as the ideal choice for live streamers, content creators and musicians who aim to improve the quality of their audio. Creative Live! Audio A3 is currently available for purchase for €149.99 on

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