Twitter announces communities, similar to groups on Facebook

Twitter annuncia le Communities, simili ai gruppi su Facebook thumbnail

the Communities come up Twitter to bring together people with common interests, giving them an invitation-only digital space where discuss it with tweets. The functionality resembles that of Facebook Groups and requires internal moderators to regulate the discussion within the digital community.

Twitter Communities, the answer to groups on Facebook

Twitter announced the new Communities feature with a series of explanatory tweets, which placed emphasis above all on the possibility of bring together people with common tastes or interests. Something that hashtags to follow already did but which can now also be done with a well-defined digital community. In fact, at least initially access to the Communities will be by invitation only.

However, Twitter specifies that the invitations that group administrators and moderators are unlimited. Instead, the “base” members of the Community can just invite 5 other people to join the group, sending them the invitation via direct messages (DM).


Tweets shared within the Community will appear on the group wall and in the members’ timeline. However, Communities are not private: this means that other twitter users will also be able to see the posts. But they will not be able to participate. This could allow you to monitor the speech (avoiding groups that go to extremes talking about conspiracy theories, for example) without finding “trolls” who tweet only to annoy others.

For now, the feature is available on iOS and the browser version of Twitter. You can already check if there are any Communities that are right for you. And if not, you can start your community subscribing to this address.

Just don’t call them “Groups” like those of Facebook, you could offend someone.