Twitter Blue expands to 20 more countries

Twitter Blue è ora disponibile anche in Italia: tutto quello che c'è da sapere thumbnail

Twitter’s paid subscription, Twitter Blue, arrives in 20 other countries – reaching a total of 35 countries covered. Basically, all over Europe you can now buy blue checks on Elon Musk’s social network.

Twitter Blue, the subscription arrives in 20 other countries

20 countries are added to the subscription: Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus.

This expansion makes the subscription service of the social networks in more than 35 countries all over the world – of which Italy is already a part. Elon Musk changed Twitter Blue’s features (and doubled the price to $8), first launching it in December. The most important change was the blue verification tick for paying users.

Subsequently, the company introduced several new features. Like the ability to publish 60-minute videos and 4,000-character tweets. But there are also controversial features, such as priority in conversations.

These innovations are added to functionality already present with the “old” subscription, such as a feature of edit tweets, a thread reader and bookmark folders.

To increase the number of subscribers, Twitter has launched various subscription discounts. As an annual plan for $84 a year in early January. In recent weeks, Twitter has also launched an annual price for iOS and Android priced at $114.

Despite the discounts and the increase in countries covered by the service, the new Twitter Blue service has less than 300,000 subscribers. At the moment, therefore, advertising remains the most important income for the company.

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