Twitter: Blue, gold, and gray ticks starting next week

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After the controversy over paid blue ticks, Elon Musk has decided to implement a small revolution regarding verified profiles on Twitter. From next week, the verification ticks will have three different colors: blue, gold and gray.

The blue ones are in fact already present and will remain unchanged. The gray ticks have already appeared on the platform in recent weeks, only to be removed and then reintroduced. The gold ones, on the other hand, are a real novelty. But what will they represent?

The meaning of the new Twitter ticks

It remains essentially unchanged blue tick, which will remain the preserve of verified users. Now however, as widely debated in recent weeks, the verification of profiles will take place through paid subscriptions (at the price of $8).

The tick oro instead it will be reserved for companies and brands, while the gray (or silver) one will indicate the official profiles of governments.

In announcing the revolution on Twitter Elon Musk added:

“Users will be able to add a small secondary logo to show that they belong to an organization, but only if verified as such by the organization itself.”

In the meantime, just today Musk announced a real “general amnesty”, restoring all previously banned accounts. A maneuver that arrived following a vote on the platform, the umpteenth. Elon Musk – with a manner very reminiscent of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem – had asked: “Do you want a general amnesty on Twitter?”.

With over three million votes (just over 1% of the platform’s users), yes got 72.4%. To which Musk tweeted: “People have spoken. The amnesty starts next week. Voice of the people, voice of God”.

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