Twitter: discovered Trump’s password in just six attempts

Twitter: discovered Trump's password in just six attempts

A Dutch researcher managed to find out the password of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, and apparently six attempts were enough

Having already done so in 2016, Dutch researcher Victor Gevers claims to have guessed it Donald Trump’s Twitter account password. The surprising thing is that it was enough for him to guess, and above all, that he found the right one after only five attempts.

Here’s what Trump’s Twitter account password was

Thanks also to the decidedly strange absence two-factor authentication, the researcher was able to easily enter the account after guessing the very simple password: “maga2020!“. MAGA stands for “Make America Great Again”, the slogan used by Trump for his election campaign. In 2016, when Gevers had already managed to guess his password, it was always a phrase he used often: “yourefired“, That is: you are fired. The other five attempts by the researcher were: “! IwillAmericaGreatAgain!”, “MakeAmericaGreatAgain”, “MakeAmericaGreatAgain!”, “Maga2020” and “Maga2020!” (this time with an initial capital letter).

As proof of his feat Gevers has posted a screenshot showing the profile editing section, obviously accessible only after logging in. On the same day, an article from the satirical blog was retweeted from the president’s profile “The Babylon Bee“, Which spoke of the apparent shutdown of Twitter to” slow down the spread of news against Biden “, the other candidate in the presidential elections in November.

The researcher did not want to deny or confirm that he was the one who retweeted the particular article. A Twitter spokesperson said, however, of have no evidence of what happened, and that the social network has implemented security measures for certain high-profile accounts. However, since this is Trump’s private profile, and not the institutional one, this is not a definitive denial.

Twitter: discovered Trump's password in just six attempts

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