One Piece fa tornare Kozuki Oden? | Jump Highlights

One Piece fa tornare Kozuki Oden? | Jump Highlights

In number 1007 of One Piece, a revived Oden Kozuki reappears, in the presence of the Nine Red Sheaths. Reality or deception? Dr. STONE turns four, but there is little for Senku to celebrate

In this new week of Weekly Shonen Jump, the flagship manga One Piece we have yet another surprise in store. In fact, the author Oda, before closing for a week off, leaves us with a cliffhanger that readers can hardly believe. As always, the work is readable for free on MangaPlus.

The Nine Red Sheaths awaken in the treasure room, where they were sent by Trafalgar Law. Someone, a mysterious shadow, has healed their wounds, and the Kawamatsu Scabbard claims to have glimpsed it, but cannot believe its own eyes.

Kin’emon and the others barely have time to get up again that a familiar figure bursts in as if nothing were at the door: it is a matter of Kozuki Oden, the legendary Shogun who died twenty years earlier.
It must be said that readers suspect, with good reason, of a trick: the main suspect is the fox Onimaru, able to change his shape, as well as a friend of Hiyori, who could be the shadow that shortly before cured the samurai. Either way, the community will have a lot to discuss over the course of these two weeks, pending chapter 1008.

One Piece fa tornare Kozuki Oden? | Jump Highlights

Not only One Piece: other Highlights of Shonen Jump

The successful manga of Inagaki and Boichi Dr. STONE this week celebrates four years of serialization on Jump. A milestone achieved with triumph by the work, which is proving to be one of the magazine’s most popular new titles.

Right now, however, the atmosphere in the stone world is far from joyful. In fact, with Suika and Francois captured, putting the original plan into action, petrifying the area and then waiting for the two to save the allies, is impossible. The recovery team is dying, or worse.

Stanley gives the order to launch the attack, and the soldiers open fire on the Team’s rudimentary fortress. The same Taiju he is wounded in an explosion, and with him probably many others. Will our people be able to fine-tune the petrification device in time?