Twitter down for thousands of users, Musk: “it works for me”

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Yesterday thousands of users have encountered problems logging in a Twitter, especially from the browser on the desktop. And while the discussions on “Twitter Down” became trending, Elon Musk simply replied “it works for me”.

Twitter down for many users, but it works for Musk

According to the website Downdetector, the Twitter login problem begins at 7.13 pm Eastern time, 1 am in Italy. Over ten thousand users have reported the problem on the platform, all over the world: trying to log in, they only found the message “Something went wrong. Let’s try again”.

The problem appears to be worldwide, with intermittent downtimes. And although Downdetector reports problems mainly from desktopother services such as Netblocks have also reported difficulties accessing from mobile.

Twitter hasn’t had a publicist since Musk took over the company, so he hasn’t officially commented on the issues. Musk limited himself to commenting “it works for me” in response to user complaints.

But maybe in another tweet Musk revealed the problem: “completed server backend updates. Twitter has never been faster.” Perhaps in implementing these changes the engineers have restarted some servers, creating access problems. Although it seems strange that these operations were carried out in the afternoon in America, where most Twitter users live.

It therefore appears that, at the moment, Twitter and Musk have no official comments to make regarding the login issue. Which seems to have returned for almost all users.

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