Twitter eliminates cropping of images on the web

Twitter elimina il ritaglio delle immagini su web thumbnail

An interesting news is coming for all those who love to use Twitter from the desktop. After the update that banned the automatic cropping of images on the iOS and Android apps, now it will finally be possible see full-size photos in the Feed even if you use the PC platform. In short, the Twitter algorithm will finally stop sacrificing images. A novelty that we have been expecting for a while, but which perhaps struggled to arrive. Fortunately, however, he is here now.

Twitter on desktop: goodbye to automatic image cropping

If you usually share images from your Twitter profile on your desktop, get ready for an interesting news. Now at the time of publication you will see an unformatted preview by the platform algorithm, thus allowing you to see the image in full size. The preview is also accompanied by the indication “what you see is what you get”, so as not to arouse any doubts in users. In this way, after a long time, the platform finally solves the problems related to the automatic cropping of images raised months ago.

Apparently, in fact, the Twitter algorithm would have had a preference for certain skin tones, thus tending to cut out the sections in which people of color rather than Caucasians appear. Therefore, the platform was forced to have to revise its automatic cropping function to solve this and other problems. Beyond this, it must be considered that the ability to view an image in its entirety, without having to click on the preview each time, is a considerable advantage. And finally we could enjoy the photos of our favorite accounts even on Twitter from the desktop to the fullest. Not a bad thing.