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Twitter: Elon Musk fired cleaning crew

Elon Musk’s Twitter “revolution” continues. According to what has emerged in these hours, in fact, the new number one of Twitter would have also fired the cleaners at the San Francisco office of the social network. The layoffs took place without any compensation for the now former workers who will be replaced, at least in part, by cleaning robots. Meanwhilethe company risks ending up under investigation to have created dormitories in its headquarters without asking permission from the authorities.

Elon Musk also fired Twitter office cleaners

We return to talk about the management Elon Musk of Twitter. The social network has, in fact, chosen to fire the cleaners of its San Francisco headquarters. Laid-off workers (without compensation) will be replaced by cleaning robots.

It should also be noted that the authorities of the city of San Francisco are preparing to put Twitter and Elon Musk under investigation. At the basis of this investigation is the creation of dormitories in Twitter headquarters. In fact, to make workers work harder, the company has created real dormitories but has not requested permission. This choice could trigger sanctions.

One way or another, therefore, Elon Musk and Twitter always end up on the front page. We’ll see what the next evolutions of the social network will be which, in the meantime, seems to continue on its way under Musk’s management.

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