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Twitter has exaggerated the number of daily users for three years

Twitter was wrong to count the number of active daily users for three consecutive years, exaggerating it quantities of approximately 1.9 million. In each quarter of 2019, 2020 and 2021 it reported a wrong count, having included in the group of multiple accounts linked to single users.

Twitter exaggerates the number of daily users for three consecutive years

A wrong count that gave shareholders the wrong information. And it’s not the first time Twitter has made this mistake. In fact in the 2017 the company had already reported that it overshooted by 1-2 million of users the account for three years. A mistake made again, as reported in the quarterly report for the first three months of 2022.

Incorrect counting doesn’t change the issue very much: Twitter has 229 million active users every day, with an increase of over 10 million units compared to the previous quarter. So the figure doesn’t seem huge enough to mislead shareholders. However, I’m a last mistake right after that the announcement of the privatization of the company.

Twitter reported operating losses of 128 million dollarson income equal to 1.2 billion dollars. Both figures are in line with forecasts. The revenues are increased by 16% compared to last year in the same period.

This may be one of the company’s latest public statements, which Elon Musk bought for 44 billion dollars to privatize it. The transition will take place over a period estimated to be around six monthsduring which all the checks necessary for the transfer of ownership will also be carried out.

In a year, there will be no official way to find out the number of daily active users of the company. Though Musk will most likely tweet it to anyone who asks.

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