Twitter is auctioning off hundreds of items from its San Francisco offices

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In the headquarters of Twitter, in San Francisco, there is a huge statue depicting the bird of the logo of the popular social network with an estimated value of about 11.000$. It’s just one of about 100 items from Twitter’s offices that the company is auctioning off. Is that a way to capitalize? Surely. After all, on the coffers of Elon Musk still weighs that important investment from 44 billion dollarsan amount necessary to definitively acquire what was his favorite social network, and which is now his social network and that’s it. The process of cutting costs also obviously involved the employees.

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After the huge wave of layoffs that hit the mammoth offices (Musk had fired about half of the company’s 7,500 employees), Twitter had also announced the end of many employee benefits, such as free meals.

Despite these speculations, Nick Dovea representative of Heritage Global Partners, the company handling the auction, told Fortune magazine (via BBC) that this sale has nothing to do with cost recovery.

“If someone thinks that the proceeds from selling a couple of computers and chairs will pay off the mountain of debt, then that someone is an idiot,” Dove said.

Twitter looking for liquidity? Office furniture up for auction

The auction for some of Twitter’s office furniture has already begun. The catalog also includes a planter 190 cm high with the “@” symbol. Currently, the auction of the object has already exceeded $4,000. Also on sale are some kitchen appliances, such as several high-end espresso machines (La Marzocco brand) and a drinks vending machine.

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There are also some of the furniture in the offices themselves, such as desks, drawers and even some soundproof booths used for conferences and very expensive ones sofas. In short, no object escapes the Twitter auction, which seems ready to capitalize on everything, even on two Herman Miller side tableswhich retail about $2,000 new.

In November last year, Elon Musk publicly stated in a tweet that the company had experienced “a huge drop in revenue”. This was to be attributed to a real flight of investors, frightened by the new policies of the Tesla CEO. Users had even gone so far as to speculate that Twitter was about to fail.

Meanwhile Elon Musk has even entered the Guinness World Record, but certainly not for a positive record: he has in fact become the human being who has lost the most money in history.