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Twitter is ready to delete more than 1 billion accounts

It was the same who made the announcement Musk: Twitter is ready to proceed with the deletion of one and a half billion accounts.

Which accounts will be deleted on Twitter

Musk specified that it is about accounts that haven’t logged in or tweeted in years. In this way the platform is preparing to become lighter, gaining space for the new implementations that the CEO has thought of over the last few months.

Obviously the South African entrepreneur’s announcement has fueled new curiosities and raised, for a change, various controversies.

In fact the last few months have been crucial for Twitter: from the abandonment of the platform in favor of others, to the changes of Twitter Blueuntil the down which in recent weeks had made the social network almost unusable.

Not to mention the Illegally uploaded pirate moviesthe mole of layoffs which made Twitter more vulnerable, until the return with great pomp of characters removed only the year before like Donald Trump.

In short, any announcement Elon Musk makes is destined to raise buzzes from users, who are now looking over their shoulders with concern. In fact, it was not specified whether even those who regularly access their account without ever tweeting could be at risk of deletion.

Probably only time will give an answer to this question, but logically they could save themselves from the razor’s edge.

Who would rejoice in deleting accounts

It seems absurd, in some ways, but there may be happy users of the move to cancel 1.5 billion inactive accounts. Let’s talk about those who maybe, during the registration phase, have seen the chosen username is already being used by another person.

By doing so, not only would Twitter come to “free up space“, but many could finally take it possession of nicknames hitherto adopted by others.

In any case, it must be recognized that the latter part of 2022 has been a very particular period for Twitter. The Musk era indeed threw the platform into the total chaoscon small glimmers of anarchy which the social network has struggled to contain.

In all of this we have only one certainty: whatever happens, including the possible failure of Twitter announced weeks ago by the CEO himself, it will always cause a stir on the web and on the social network itself.

However, the questions remain, the obscure points also and one cannot help but wonder what Elon Musk’s next moves will be for 2023.

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