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Twitter is restoring the default timeline

Twitter is trying to bring back the default timeline of its users’ feed that was there prior to the update. Fortunately, however, Twitter has never deviated from its origins.

Twitter brings back the default timeline. Here are the details

Recently, Twitter split its feed into two types of tabs: “For you” and “Continued”. The first tab used an algorithm to recommend content that might be of interest to the user, without relying too much on the chronological order of the news. The second tab, however, concerned the classic chronological timeline containing only the posts of the accounts that a user follows.

However, this subdivision did not allow “For you” to be imported as the main view. CEO Elon Musk had assured that he would change this feed view and that he would restore that original and earlier.

The disappearance of ads with Twitter Blue

After receiving a number of complaints about excessive advertising on the social platform, Musk decided to introduce Twitter Bluea new, more expensive subscription tier that allows for the removal of advertisements.

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“Advertisements are too frequent on Twitter and too cumbersome – wrote the entrepreneur in a tweet – We are making provisions to address both in the coming weeks”. And that’s exactly what he did.

How TwitterBlue works

Twitter Blue subscription costs $7.99 per month with 50% fewer ads and you would get the famous blue check, a profile certification symbol. But that’s not all: it will be possible to cancel and modify the tweetuse reading mode for long threads, turn on conversation prioritization, the ability to conquer i “Coins” like on Tik Tok and the ability to make the view count feature optional.

However, many have realized that Twitter Blue is nothing more than a way for Musk to respond to financial difficulties that he is facing.

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