Twitter is showing only Elon Musk’s tweets: homepages are invaded by his posts

Twitter sta mostrando solo i tweet di Elon Musk: le home sono invase dai suoi post thumbnail

No, it’s not a nightmare: many users’ Twitter homes are invaded by Elon Musk’s tweets. We knew that the Tesla CEO was self-centered, but certainly not up to this point. Seriously, the situation is somewhat paradoxical given that many users are reporting this real invasion of tweets. But what exactly is going on? Let’s try to understand each other more.

Twitter: homes invaded by Elon Musk’s tweets?

The “problem” seems to refer mainly to Twitter’s For You feed, the one that shows us the posts that the algorithm believes may be of interest to us (from users we follow and not). This entire section seems to be monopolized by Elon Musk’s tweetsto the point that since yesterday afternoon there have been several network users who have reported this anomaly.

A paradoxical condition on which Elon Musk himself made fun of with several tweets. Posts that, of course, everyone saw, willy-nilly.

A bug after the algorithm?

On Sunday (February 12) Elon Musk had announced that a change to the platform’s algorithm would arrive a few days later.

The Verge reports that Musk, a few days earlier, had publicly complained about the low visibility of his tweets. According to the portal he even fired an engineer for this. According to The Verge, which analyzed insight data from Elon Musk’s Twitter profile, the account would have reached its peak popularity (based on searches and interactions) in April 2022. Since then, interest seems to have organically decreased.

Now the algorithm seems to finally give visibility to Elon Musk’s tweets. There’s only one problem: now we only see tweets from Elon Musk. A small dream for an Elon, a big nightmare for users.

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