Twitter, Musk’s dismissals would have affected women above all: the complaint

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Two women who lost their jobs during the mass layoffs of Elon Musk they filed a complaint, saying that Twitter mostly fired female staff. In fact, according to the complaint presented to the San Francisco court, the social network has fired 57% of its female staff and 47% of its male staff.

Twitter: Musk’s firings would have hit women more

Just a few weeks ago, Twitter had over 7,500 employees. After Elon Musk bought the company for $44 billion, he fired half of the company (over 3,700 people). In the days that followed, hundreds quit their jobs after the billionaire’s ultimatum.

The complaint of the two former employees estimates that Musk has fired 57% of women in the company, against 47% of men. A gap that widens even more for roles such as engineerswhere they have 63% of women and 48% of men lost their job.

The lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan, which follows the ex-employee’s complaint, reports that women “had targets on their backs” following the Musk takeover, not to mention their talent and contributions to the company. And he states that “it’s no big surprise unfortunately that women have been hit so hard from layoffs when Elon Musk was overseeing these ad hoc layoffs within days.”

Attorney Liss-Riordan follows Twitter employees in three more cases after the layoffs from the arrival of Elon Musk. One of these concerns employees with disabilities to whom the new Twitter management would have denied smart working. Three other workers allegedly reported to the union for being pressured after asking for better working conditions.

The lawyer explains: “Of all the issues that Elon Musk faces, this is the simplest to solve: just treat workers with respect, pay them what is due to them by law”.

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