Twitter offers cost benefits to keep advertisers coming back

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Twitter offers huge economic benefits to advertisers, to get them back on the platform after leaving it due to the blue check debacle and lack of moderation. Who invests over 500 thousand dollars will see its investment doubled, with Twitter matching up to a million dollar cap.

Twitter offers cost benefits to keep advertisers coming back

Many advertising companies and advertising companies have left Twitter after the arrival of Elon Musk. The exodus began above all after the chaos caused by the launch of Twitter Blue, which allowed many fake accounts to take the name of a company and with the check from an “official” account to tweet insults and fake news.

Advertising is worth almost all of Twitter’s revenue, without advertisers the social network cannot survive. Then come benefits to convince advertisers to come back to using the platform. Especially the big agencies: by spending over $500,000, Twitter will double in value of the amount spent, offering double the spaces.

According to sources close to the company, even minor investments will be compensated, albeit with less impressive percentages. The “offers” for advertisers will be valid until the end of the year.

This month, tons of big brands blocked advertising on Twitter. From General Motors a General Millspassing through volkswagen e Pfizer. After “chat” with Tim Cook, Twitter may have caught up with Apple. But the ads are worth 90% of the ads on the platform.

So much so that, when Musk relaunches Twitter Blue, it seems he will want to give a different color “tick” to companies to distinguish them from ordinary users‘, so as not to repeat the problems seen a few weeks ago. Because it seems hard for big advertisers to put up with another blunder.


The Wall Street Journal

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