Twitter, paid certifications after the US elections

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Twitter move the start of the new ones paid certifications until after the midter electionsm of this Tuesday, which will see the United States vote for several seats in the two houses of the federal parliament and beyond. There “Blue Check revolution” wanted by Elon Musk will have to wait a few more days.

Twitter postpones paid certifications until after the US midterm elections

Twitter Blue will cost $ 7.99 per month, providing some of the features already seen in the past and new options. For example, the ability to see fewer ads, a search priority and the ability to upload longer videos. But also that of being able to pay to obtain certification, the “blue tick”Previously reserved only for celebrities and authorities.

The risk of someone buying the “blue check” and pretending to be a prominent politician or journalist was too high for tomorrow’s elections. So Twitter has postponed this news until after the midterms, for November 9th.

Earlier, The Verge reported that Twitter managers threatened to fire employees if they didn’t launch the new subscription by today, November 7th. But the media attention surrounding the mid-term elections seems to have given workers an extra couple of days.

On Saturday the update of the app for iOS reported the new subscriptions for the “blue check”, but without the possibility of accessing them. And it seems that the developers are testing several new features, such as the ability to show the “Official Account” label for well-known users. A label that will in fact replace the blue tip when it comes to reputation on social media.

It remains to be seen, however, whether these changes will meet the favor of users of the platform. Which is undergoing many changes in a short period, following theacquisition by Elon Musk.