Twitter tests a tag for verified accounts with the phone number

Twitter rassicura gli inserzionisti pubblicitari dopo l'acquisizione di Musk thumbnail

The issue of Twitter bots raised by Elon Musk seems to have met with the consent of many other users, who have even asked the platform to make changes to the identification of accounts. Not surprisingly, the Twitter App is now testing a label to report the verified accounts with phone number. Or at least this is the indiscretion leaked on the Net by Jane Manchun Wong, who would also have noticed an option capable of showing the view count for tweets – although it’s unclear if this will only be visible to the author or even users -. But let’s find out more about these news.

Twitter: App tests a label to report verified accounts

Linking an account to a phone number is undoubtedly a useful method to prove that an account is safe and real – as well as verified -. Not surprisingly, all accounts with a “blue check” on the Twitter App must have either a verified phone number or an email address attached. However, linking a number to an account represents a salvation and a problem for the platform at the same time. Especially for the need to protect user data. In fact, a few weeks ago, Twitter revealed the details of an incident that allowed a hacker to access the private information of 5.4 million accounts. Damage due to a privacy leak that the platform noticed with a slight delay.

But this is just one episode in a long series of situations that have put users’ safety at risk. In May of this year, for example, the Twitter App Twitter accepted a $ 150 million deal to misuse phone numbers and email addresses collected for two-factor authentication in targeting. ads. In short, a somewhat controversial situation. Given this, therefore, it is not surprising that the platform wants the contents that populate it come from real people, or at least by someone who is actually in the country they claim. In this sense, adding a label that allows you to distinguish a verified account from a phone number is particularly useful. And this is certainly the reason why Twitter has chosen to test it. Although it is unclear when it might make it available.