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Twitter, the trick to get the blue check for free (but for a short time)

Some users (who were verified until a few days ago) have found a way to get the blue tick back on twitter for free. Apparently, you just need to edit your bio on your social profile. But the trick doesn’t last long.

Twitter and the blue check, the trick to get it back for free (for a little while)

Some users have discovered that writing in the bio “former check mark” o “legacy check mark”to indicate that you have had the blue tick on Twitter when it was still free, the blue icon reappears next to their name. Even if only for a short time.

Among those who have experimented with the trick is the TV personality Anthony Carbonithat has tweeted its discovery on Monday. Then he deleted the sentence from his biography, saying: “I removed it because those with a minimum of self-esteem cannot keep it in their biography”.

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Also David Takera University of Virginia professor, had the same result, but has said that the check lasted for “about 5 seconds”. The Washington Post reporter Taylor Lawrence it also has confirmed that the trick works temporarily. But Theo Burman, a reporter at Dexerto, an esports media outlet, claimed that the checkmark is only visible to you and not to your followers, as Business Insider reports.

The old verification program gave blue checks to active accounts of “public interest”, such as politicians, public figures, celebrities and journalists. But with the arrival of Musk, it became paid for anyone who subscribes to Twitter Blue.

A disputed decision, also because lately it seems that some celebrities, including some who have died, have kept the blue check even without paying. Musk said he paid “personally” for these ticks. But he didn’t say anything about the trick to get the free check, and he decided to respond to all requests from the press with an emoji. So it’s currently unclear whether Twitter will fix this bug.

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