Twitter would not be paying its contract with Google Cloud •

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Twitter could face a new problem: according to reports in the American press, Elon Musk’s company would refused to pay for their Google Cloud contract. The company is said to be moving its services from the cloud platform, but it seems unlikely that it will be able to do so before June 30, when the contract expires.

Twitter does not pay Google Cloud contract, race to migrate services

In 2018, Twitter entered into an agreement from $1 billion with Google to host some of its services on Google Cloud servers. However, according to Platformer, Twitter has recently refused to settle the bill with the search giant before the expiry of the contract, scheduled for June 30.

Twitter is trying to move its services off Google’s network as much as possible before the end of the contract, but the process is “delayed” and puts some tools at riskamong which Smytea platform that Twitter bought in 2018 to improve its its moderation features.

If Twitter fails to bring the system to its servers by the end of the month, Platformer says any outage would have a major impact on Twitter’s ability to combat spam and child sexual abuse content (CSAM). Smyte had already shown problems due to the drastic firings of Elon Musk on the Twitter team.

Il Twitter 2.0 by Elon Musk has already shown one considerable instability in its key features. In recent months, the platform has experienced more than one blackout that has prevented users from accessing services such as Twitter Spaces e Blue Verified. The most striking case was that of the governor of Florida Ron DeSantiswho failed to launch his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination due to a Twitter Spaces glitch. If Twitter fails to switch all services to another cloud platform, it risks further technical problems.

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