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Twitter: zero tolerance for violent content

Twitter strengthens its policies: zero tolerance for violent content thumbnail

Twitter today announced a new crackdown on violent content on the platformstating that the new approach will consist of “zero tolerance” against posts deemed to be hate speech and threats. On paper, the new policies do not seem to introduce big news, given that similar posts were already against the guidelines of the blue social network, however they clarify some scenarios better, reinforcing the border between what can be posted and not.

Twitter and violent content: what changes?

The old guideline stated:

“Statements expressing the desire or hope that someone will suffer bodily harm, vague or indirect threats, or threatening actions that are unlikely to cause serious or permanent injury are not actionable under this policy, but may be reviewed and prosecuted under those policies” .

The new version instead reads:

“You cannot wish or hope or wish to harm. This includes (but is not limited to) the hope that others will die, suffer from disease, tragic accident, or suffer other physically harmful consequences.”

It is therefore a subtle modification, which streamlines the formula but which changes little in substance of the Twitter guidelines.

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