Twitter’s algorithm will show us more recommended tweets from users we don’t follow

L'algoritmo di Twitter ci mostrerà più tweet consigliati di utenti che non seguiamo thumbnail

According to reports from Twitter through a post, the platform’s algorithm is about to undergo substantial changes, especially as regards i recommended tweets. These are those posts that appear on our home even though the creator is not among our followed accounts.

Apparently the will to Elon Musk would be to expand this functionality, showing more recommended tweets to users. The underlying idea is obviously to personalize the experience on the platform and encourage subscribers to interact outside their own circle of acquaintances and friends. Not only that, however: the feature could also have an economic purpose, showing more paid content.

How the new Recommended Tweets will work on Twitter

Twitter hasn’t released any further details at the moment, but a previous blog post from the company gives us some important clues about the future of the algorithm. The blog states that “”recommended tweets may appear on the Home, in some places within the Explore section”.

There are currently two different feeds on Twitter: latest tweets (showing tweets from people we follow in chronological order) e home (a collection of popular tweets posted exclusively by the users we follow).

Similar features have already appeared strongly also on Instagramwhich has led to quite a few complaints from users, tired of finding their home infested with posts from users they don’t follow. TikTok instead he opted for a more schematic feed in two parts: one for exploring content and the other for users who already follow.

It will therefore be interesting to note how Twitter will decide to regulate itself, since it takes very little to run into the same “errors” of Instagram. Given the general morale of Twitter users after Elon Musk’s latest maneuvers, further controversy could create further cracks in the vase.

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