Twopit: IoT enters a new era, ultrasonic data transmission for unlimited connection

Twopit: l'IoT entra in una nuova era, trasmissione dati ultrasonica per una connessione senza limiti

In this article we talk about Twopit, a technology developed in Italy to change the way we transmit our data through our devices

Today we want to tell you about one technology developed in our country and already patented. The inventors are a research group scattered between Naples and Catania, led by the engineer Emanuele Costanzo. The presentation of the new technology took place last February and saw the participation of Italian and foreign media, as well as representatives of Assotelecomunicazioni-Asstel, a trade association that brings together the main players in the world of communications including Open Fiber, Huawei and Vodafone on its board of directors.

During the event there was a taste of the new technology: the engineer Costanzo has sI regret both the Wi-Fi and the data connection of his mobile phone e tried to broadcast the word “Twopit” between the two devices. Result: communication went smoothly!

Among the other participants in the presentation were also the delegates of the national emergency telecommunications coordination of the National Fire Brigade, to whom he announced the willingness to donate Twopit patented technology free of charge to use it in emergency situations, such as natural disasters, for the benefit of the community. So let’s take a closer look at how this technology works!

Twopit: IoT enters a new era, ultrasonic data transmission for unlimited connection

Twopit: a new all-Italian way of communicating?

The communications are essential in our life. Every second our devices throw millions of bits of information into the space around us which we then see displayed on screens. Although the technology has already achieved incredible performance, innovation does not stop and this time he speaks a little Italian. Twopit’s technology uses a new encrypted modulation technology to transmit information securely. But what is modulation?

Modulation, how it works

Modulation is a process used in telecommunications to transmit information through electromagnetic signals above all. The modulation it modifies the characteristics of the waves in a controlled way in order to “write” the information bits inside them. In amplitude modulation, the amplitude of the radio wave is varied according to the sound signal. In frequency modulation, on the other hand, the frequency of the radio wave is varied according to the sound signal. In phase modulation, the phase is varied.

The most widespread modulation today is the digital one, i.e. the one that transmits information as sequences of 0s and 1s. For example, in amplitude modulation, one amplitude corresponds to 0 while another corresponds to 1. Thus large amounts of digitized data can be transmitted.

Twopit: IoT enters a new era, ultrasonic data transmission for unlimited connection

What does Twopit instead

The technology patented by Twopit instead goes beyond this traditional paradigm. Thanks to the use of complex mathematical functions to manipulate the waves, Emanuele Costanzo’s team managed to use a base coding other than 2. Hence it is able to transmit more information within a single packet. This is very complex to implement, due to the errors that can be introduced during transmission.

However, thanks to the complex mathematical models developed, Twopit’s technology manages to transmit data reliably. Modulation works with different types of waves, not just electromagnetic ones. For example, during the presentation, ultrasound communication was used to transmit data. The use of ultrasound makes it possible to communicate even where the network does not reach – such as in disaster areas – but they can also be used at home to make IoT devices communicate efficiently.

The ductility and resistance to disturbances, combined with the higher speed, could really lead to big changes. We wish the Twopit team the best! That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!

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