Uber under attack, computer systems hacked

Uber sotto attacco, violati i sistemi informatici thumbnail

Uber suffered a attack hacker, the extent of which is still difficult to determine: but the service has put several internal servers online to limit the damage. Computer systems are under attack and now the cybersecurity experts of the sharing service they are trying to stem the advance of digital criminals.

Uber under hacker attack, unknown extent of damage

Right now Uber just says that “Is actively responding to a cybersecurity incident”, without giving further details. And this is worrying: usually tech companies immediately want to specify that they have stopped the advance of hackers. But it appears that this has not yet happened for Uber.

The New York Times reports that the ride sharing service took several internal systems offline yesterday, Thursday 15 September. And it is reported that the company has cEmployees are advised not to use the company Slack and to disable some of the internal systems.

The self-report of hackers

At the moment it’s not even clear how long Uber’s computers have been compromised. In fact, the company found the breach in its IT security only yesterday afternoon (the late Italian evening) after that some employees were notified by the hackers themselves. If they hadn’t, they might not have found out yet.

The hacker wrote: “I announce that I am a hacker and that Uber has suffered a data breach”. A clear and unique message on the company’s compromised Slack account. The message also contained a list of internal databases they would hit, as well as explicit photographs of some employees retrieved from their private pages.

A new attack

Uber had already suffered a high-profile attack it had in 2016 affected as many as 57 million people around the world. At the time, instead of communicating directly with users of this problem, Uber had paid $ 100,000 to hackers to erase compromised data. The head of security at the time Joe Sullivan was fired and is now facing a trial regarding the matter.

The hope is this attack is not of that same magnitude and that it is possible to protect user and employee data. But at the moment we have no further information, we will keep you updated.