Ubisoft changes development studio to Prince of Persia remake

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Ubisoft decided it was time to bring the Prince of Persia brand back to the fold and announced the decision to stop developing the remake di Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time from the Indian studio that was doing it.

The new studio reorganizes to revive the Prince of Persia remake

The project has so far been entrusted to Ubisoft studios located in Mumbai and Pune and represented one of the most high-profile projects that Indian programmers had on their hands. The team had in fact already taken care in the past to assist in the development of Just Dance and Steep, however the remake of the beloved classic was entirely managed by them. No official information was provided on why the company decided to upset the situation, but it is easy to understand that the management was not satisfied with the performance of their Asian colleagues.

Right from the start the announcement trailer for the remake of The Sands of Time had been received lukewarmly, if not with a certain hostility. Its technical component was considered by many to be inadequate and insufficient, especially for contemporary palates. Not only that, the release of the title was originally scheduled for January 21, 2021, a date that has exceeded it to the bitter end, heading towards an indefinite schedule.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time it then ends up back in the hands of Ubisoft Montréal, a studio that was once an advocate of the rebirth of the princely brand. The Canadian team has declared to be carrying on what he inherited from his Indian colleagues, however he has proved reluctant to provide a new hypothetical launch date, limiting himself to declaring that the game will see the light “when it is ready”.

The saga of the prince has long ended up in the background in the Ubisoft library also because it has been overshadowed by the now more celebrated IP of Assassin’s Creed, which paradoxically was born precisely as an evolution of Prince of Persia. Knowing that the company has decided to personally take care of the remake therefore comes as a good news, especially considering that the latest news about it is months old.

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