Ubisoft changes the release date of Skull and Bones

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Ubisoft recently changed the Skull and Bones release daterevealing that the title will be available starting in March 9, 2023 on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Amazon Luna, and PC via the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store. Gamers can also sign up for Ubisoft + on PC and Amazon Luna to get the game on day-one. Let’s find out more details together.

Skull and Bones: Ubisoft changes the release date

Prior to the game’s worldwide launch, Ubisoft announced that there will be aOpen Beta to ensure playerspreview of the fearsome world of Skull and Bones. This means that players will have the opportunity to discover theexclusive interpretation of the pirate fantasyi dynamic naval combatthe fascinating seas of the Indian Ocean from the 17th century and much more.

Despite the game’s development having finished, Ubisoft has revealed that the extra time will be used for perfect e to balance further the gaming experience using i player feedback from technical tests and from Insider program which took place in the last two weeks.

According to the company this is the right decision both for the players and for the long-term success of the game; the March 9, 2023 represents an adequate exit window for this new and truly unique brand. Ubisoft also confirms that the financial targets for the full year 2022-23 remain unchanged.

Skull and Bones invites players to invest in their destiny: they will start from mere outcasts to then become, over time, a big shot among the pirates. To do this, players will have to build their own Infamy with thrilling naval combat and lucrative expedition in a world full of traitors.

Inspired by legendary tales of piracythis title will make players experience real pirate life.

The players will have to accept contractsto collect resources to navigate along the important trade routes e attack ships of the rich merchants. It is important to keep that in mind every decision will affect your journey, with different levels of risk and rewards. As they grow their Infamy, they will also be able to create and customize the fleet, also unlocking a number of new items throughout the game.

The title is inspired by one of the deadliest periods in history, the end of Seventeenth century. Considered the second Golden Age of Piracy, sets the stage for an era of chaos and no rules. Pirates, rival factions, powerful organizations and empires, all are looking for power in the wild paradise ofIndian Ocean. For more information you can consult the official site.