Ubisoft Scalar è la nuova tecnologia cloud-native che cambia il modo in cui i giochi vengono sviluppati thumbnail

Ubisoft Scalar is the cloud-native technology that changes game development

Ubisoft Scalar is the new cloud-native technology that changes the way games are developed. Thumbnail

Ubisoft unveiled the new cloud-native Ubisoft Scalar technology. This is a major new project for the company that aims to support game development by unlocking the power and flexibility of cloud computing for Ubisoft’s game engines. The Ubisoft Scalar team is headed by Ubisoft Stockholm in collaboration with studios in Malmo (Ubisoft Massive), Helsinki (Ubisoft Redlynx), Bucharest and Kiev.

Ubisoft Scalar is the cloud-native technology for the video games of the future

Ubisoft Scalar is a platform-independent technology and aims to offer developers and gamers maximum freedom while taking full advantage of thecloud-native experience for the enhancement of the games of the future. This solution places every component and system of traditional game engines independently in the cloud creating a model distributed on a potentially unlimited number of machines. Games based on this technology can harness a virtually infinite amount of computing power, resulting in virtual worlds and highly realistic simulations. For all the updates on Ubisoft Scalar you can consult the Ubisoft official site.

Ubisoft has chosen to present its new technology with the following trailer:

The company comment

Guillemette Picard, VP of Production Technology at Ubisoft, comments: “Ubisoft has 35 years of continuous investment in R&D and proprietary technologies, because technological independence is a critical differentiator. Ubisoft Scalar is in line with this spirit, enhancing both our creativity and our unique model of co-development, with new, seamless ways to collaborate on a global scale. It marks a step forward and an exciting milestone for the video game community “

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