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Ubisoft’s Ezio and Eivor land in Brawlhalla

Ubisoft recently announced that Eziothe legendary Master Assassin, will be there 56th Legend of Brawlhalla. With this new Legend, the Epic Crossover event will offer additional content from the legendary franchise of Assassin’s Creedincluding the new character Eivora new mode, two new maps and so on. Here are all the details.

Ezio and Eivor land on Brawlhalla

Ezio Auditore from Florence was a 15th century Italian Renaissance nobleman and the most legendary leader of the Brotherhood. He is one of the most killers appreciated e iconic and his offspring landed in Brawlhalla, participating in the Grand Tournament.

With his Hidden Blades and his Apple of Eden will soon become a Legend.

Ezio’s character is available for 7200 Gold o 100 Mammoth. Instead the skins Ezio in Revelations, Ezio with the Armor of Brutus e Asgardian Ezio are available for 140 Mammoth Coin everyone. Below are Ezio’s six Signature bindings:

  • Combat Attacks with Hidden Blades:
    • Side Attack – Ezio draws his wrist blades and slashes his opponent with his sword, then with his wrist blades, which knock back the opponent.
    • Neutral Attack – Unsheaths his wrist blade, leaps and attacks the opponent, then uses the sword. That abandons the glass simulation of the Animus.
    • Low Attack – Ezio attacks the opponent before grabbing him and throwing him to the ground and into the air.
  • Combat attacks with the Apple of Eden:
    • Lateral Attack – Ezio projects a holographic image of himself brandishing the blades from his Apple of Eden and the projection charges and slices the opponent before the real Ezio arrives and finishes the work.
    • Neutral Attack – Ezio projects a holographic grid capable of trapping the opponent and hitting him with shock waves.
    • Low Attack – Leap through the air and summon white birds from his Apple of Eden as he descends, slash opponents with his wrist blade and the birds scatter.

The anticipated Crossover also launches an in-game event that features Eivor. The legendary Viking warrior who drifted away from Norway due to endless wars and dwindling resources in the 9th century AD is back.

We also find the new Bounty mode which will be the Brawl of the Week, in which players can take part in three game modes: Rooftop Rumble, Ghost Rooftop Rumblee Assassin’s Brawl. Brawlhalla also offers two new maps, namely Florence Rooftop e Florence Terrace.

More details of the crossover

  • Eivor – Epico Crossover per Brynn: Known as the Kissed by the Wolf, Eivor is the reincarnation of Isu Odin, revered as a god in Germanic and Norse mythology. The character fights with theAx of Varin e Gungir.

The Epico Crossover is available for 300 Mammoth Coins in the in-game store: by purchasing the Crossover, you will also automatically unlock the character. The new content includes the KO inspired by the sagawith the Desynchronization screen, the new Leap of Faith emote e eight new avatars. All can be purchased and will be playable even after the event ends, such as game modes and maps.

For more information on the title you can consult the official site.

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